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DWIL Wood Furniture Paint Kit (With Tools)

DWIL Wood Furniture Paint Kit (With Tools)

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🛠️COMPLETE TOOL SET: Save time with our all-in-one wood paint kit, including all the necessary tools for your painting needs.

🌟ALL IN ONE: Our wood furniture paint sticks well to wood without a primer, forming a protective film. No varnish needed for low traffic areas, but add a coat for high traffic spots.

NO SANDING REQUIRED: Our advanced acrylic furniture paint eliminates the need for time-consuming sanding. Apply directly to your furniture hassle-free.

⏱️ FAST DRYING: Our matte furniture paint dries quickly, allowing for multiple coats in a day, so you can finish your project sooner.

🎨EASY TO APPLY: Simply clean, wait for drying, and start painting. Even beginners can easily use our wood paint for furniture remodeling.

🪑 APPLICABLE SCENE: Update chairs, tables, dressers, and cabinets with our modern matte furniture paint, providing both style and protection. For glass, ceramics, or metal, use a primer for better adhesion.

💾 EASY TO SAVE: Store our paint for months without waste. Stir for 1-2 minutes if stratification occurs.

Product Data

  • Designed for interior wood surfaces to create a new look. you can apply it to old furniture like cabinets, doors, beds, chairs, benches, and tables. Also Perfect for craft projects & more
  • Unique water-based formula; Compared with traditional paint, our water-based furniture paint has little odor, no long-time ventilation is required.
  • 32 oz container covers up to 50~60 sq. ft. for 2 coats. Apply thin layer and allow each layer to dry for 2 hours to get better even finish.
  • Dries to a semi-gloss, smooth finish. Highly recommended for various projects, works efficiently, and creates a beautiful finish.
  • Included: white furniture paint 1kg/32 oz, brush, roller, pre-taped masking film, ,sandpapers. We proudly provide you with as many tools as possible that allows you to bring you refinishing projects to life with no unnecessary stress!

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Loretta Welch
Great Paint

Loved the color, coverage and time it took to dry.
Will purchase again in near future.

Repurposed my way on YouTube
Great paint & colors

I love this paint. Very smooth, great colors, easy to order and shipping was quick.

Great product

I painted two sinks and 3 vanities. The colors are gorgeous, the products easy to use and dry quickly. I followed the tips of thin layers of paint on the vanities and the paint does not scratch off! The only thing that was a little tedious was painting the curved part of the sink. If there is a smaller roller for the curves it may have helped but overall I love the products and have recommended it to all who will listen.

Linda Schmidt

DWIL Wood Furniture Paint Kit (With Tools)

DeAnn Bass

Everything about that paint was wonderful!!
All supplies included. I’d give it 10 stars if I could. I will purchase again!

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Does this paint require a wax sealant?

It doesn't need wax, this paint will form a hard film at the surface, it takes the same function of don't worry about it.

Can this paint be applied directly to raw wood?

It is recommended to brush a layer of closed primer, seal some of the original wood secreted grease, avoid brush white and other light colors will be polluted yellow. It can also close a part of the wood smell, but also has a slight mildew proof effect, to prevent the background color yellow, crack and anti reinforcement.