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DWIL Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit

DWIL Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit

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A Beginner's Guide - Click*

1.Surface preparation

Our tools are custom-made for water-based paint and easy for novicesto use.

2.Protect surroundings

Use the provided plastic waterproof cloth and masking tape to protectthe surrounding area during application to prevent paint from splatteringonto nearby surface.

3.Add hardener

Pour the hardener (part B) into the ceramic tile paint (part A) andthoroughly mix them together. The mixed paint must be used within 12 hours after adding the hardener. Please note that the paint without thehardener can be stored for a long time. If you need to apply the paintmultiple times, it is recommended to pour out the amount you need eachtime and add an equal amount of hardener. If the paint is too thick, youcan add water to dilute it (less than 5%).


Wear gloves and use the roller and brush provided in the tool kit to applyat least 2 coats, with at least 2 hours between each coat. We recommendusing the roller for flat surfaces and the brush for corners and gaps toachieve a smooth and even finish.

5.Remove tape

After completing the application, wait at least 45 minutes beforecarefully removing the masking tape. When removing, use a knife togently cut the tape, and pull it off at a 45-degree angle.

6.Wait for drying

Allow the painted area to air dry for 48 hours before getting wet, and wait 7 days before using the painted area normally. (Do not scratch, scrape,or rub the painted surface during the drying period.)

7.Clean up

After completing the work, please dispose of all unused materials andwaste in a timely manner. Keep away from children, pets, and thosesensitive to paint fumes; follow all city regulations and properly disposeof waste.


1. Do not take internally.

2. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

3. Use with adequate ventilation.


5. If you experience eye watering, headache, or dizziness, leave the areato obtain fresh air.

If continued difficulty is experienced, seek medicalattention immediately.

DWIL tile refinishing kit is a two-part water-based acrylic coating designed to provide excellent adhesion, water resistance, slip resistance, and durability for refurbishing old tiles with new colors.

It is perfect for refurbishing tile walls and floors, as well as bathtubs and sinks made of materials such as porcelain, marble, glass, and acrylic. If you're looking for this type of paint, DWIL is your best choice. 

TIP:In order to prevent leakage and can expansion during transportation, we will reserve some space for the can.

Usage Instructions

Light-colored substrates require 2 coats for full coverage of the base color, while dark-colored substrates require 3-4 coats for complete coverage. Please ensure that you have sufficient paint to cover the base color before starting your project.

Product Details

Kit Included: Part A: Tub and Tile Refinshing Emulsion (1pk= 33 Ounce/50sq.ft/1kg , Tool Sets: Masking Film * 1; Paint Roller * 1; Brush * 1; Sandpaper * 2; Gloves * 1; Masking Tape * 1., Part B: Hardener

Special Feature: Water Resistant

Unit Count: 1pk Refinshing Emulsion =  33 Ounce/50sq.ft/1kg

Surface: Tile, Glass, Wood, Stone, Plastic, Fiberglass

Product Features

  1. Full Tool Set: Provides all the tools needed for both beginners and experienced individuals, including paint, hardener, gloves, brush, roller, pre-taped masking film, masking tape, and sandpaper.
  2. Multi-Surface Application: Suitable for bathtubs, tiles, countertops, wash basins, and other smooth surfaces, as well as acrylic, fiberglass, hardwood, enamel, granite, and metal furniture surfaces.
  3. Easy Cleanup: After drying, easily clean off oil stains or other dirt with water and a brush, without the need for harsh chemicals or solvents, making the cleaning process more convenient.
  4. Low Odor: Formulated with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and low odor, reducing discomfort from strong paint odors for a more comfortable indoor painting experience.
  5. Enhanced Durability: Formulated with high-quality acrylic resin for exceptional durability and resistance to flaking, maintaining the appearance of tile surfaces.
  6. Quick Drying: Dries faster than other bathtub paints, saving time and effort, with complete drying within 24 hours and full curing within 7 days.

Product Data

Multi surfaces:

The refinishing kit is ideal to refinish bathtubs, tiles, countertops, wash basin, toilets. Works on all kinds of surface, including ceramics, porcelain, acrylic, fiberglass, hardwood, and enamel, among other common household surfaces.

Repair Surfaces:

Involves a unique Hardener to give you the most durable refinished surface possible, delivering a finish that is as long lasting as it is beautiful. Its full-seal coating will restores tub surfaces to a “like new” semi-matte finish. After drying, the surface is seamless, non-porous.

NOTE: After drying, it will provide a new semi-matte porcelain-like finish. Not a shiny porcelain finish.

If you want a shinier surface, you can use the Floor Coating Kit to enhance the gloss of the tile paint and protect the base coat.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
New not new counter tops

Haven’t used it yet waiting till new sink arrives

Fiona Shields
Like a new bathroom

Very easy to use. Love the coverage. It took 5-6 coats but well worth the effort. If doing another cover up project I will use this product again. The pics below show beginning color and what it ended up looking like.

Kimberly A Kelley

DWIL Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit


It is the best thing I have put in my bathroom.

Just Finished My 5th Coat!

My aunt recommended this after her own success. I had a very old clawfoot with A LOT of cracks, epoxy patches, and it looked pretty rough. So I did 5 thin coats and the tub literally looks brand new. I also weighed out only half the tub and hardener with a simple food scale into a plastic container. After each coat, I put a lid on the container and waited 2 hours. The result is remarkable, and I still have some Dwil leftover in its original container. Very much worth every penny! Oh, and the roller it comes with does great. I wish they'd include a tiny tray for the job, but a large one worked great, and the Dwil dries flat and smooth, so you can totally re-use your tray. 🙂


Can I use it on a porcelain tub?

Of course, using ceramic tile treatment agent or sandpaper to remove the enamel on the surface of the bathtub can effectively improve the adhesion of the paint.
1. If the tile is very smooth and the tile paint cannot adhere, it is recommended to use a special tile treatment agent to remove the enamel on the tile surface.
2. Before painting, sand the tile surface with sandpaper to enhance adhesion.
3. After brushing the tile paint, if some parts cannot be covered, wait for the paint to dry, then sand it with sandpaper and brush it again.

Can I use a primer before or after using this product to help cover darker tiles?

The tile paint does not need to be used with others and we are not sure if it is applicable. We recommend that you provide us with information on the ingredients of other product before using.

What are the care instructions after it cures? Like no abrasive cleaners etc?

Natural ventilation and drying, Cured in 24-48 hours - don't pour water (Not buckle and scratch ),7 days-complete hardness,can be used normally.
You don't need to do any other cleaners and abrasives after it cures.

Can I use this product on a countertop that was previously painted? Or do I need to add a primer first?

Yes. The premise is that the paint you have painted on the countertop has been more than 7 days, and if your previous paint is darker, you need to use our white tile paint two or three more times to cover the previous dark paint.

How to use the PartB(Hardener)?

Add to the paint and stir well, use up the part B within 12 hours (if the painting time is long, it is recommended to pour out and use in different times, and add the part B in equal parts)