2023 Color of the Year: Cardamom Green

2023 Color of the Year: Cardamom Green

I think we can all agree that the last few years have been a wild ride. With the potential for the economic, political and environmental waves, 2023 could bring more of the same. Whatever the challenges ahead, in the true spirit of DWIL, we will embrace the new 2023 with hope and vitality, which is why we have chosen Glade Green as our 2023 color of the year.

This fresh, claming green provides a sense of life and hope,  giving us the confidence to take on 2023 and be positive for the year ahead.preparing us to tackle whatever 2023 has in store.



2023 Color Collection

"Cardamom Green" represents the quiet sprouting of life in spring, a delicate color between green, gray and blue that brings a subtle sense of healing at first glance, inspired by nature's plants and trees. It can be paired with almost any color, making it a staple in our signature color palette.

1.The color scheme can be based on soft neutral tones. The teal tones are reminiscent of tree roots and earth, giving a simple and warm impression, while the green color reminds people of thriving trees and grass, which can reflect the vibrant vitality in the earthy color.

2.The color scheme can also be bold and rich, matching warm colors such as orange-red and bright yellow, as well as cool, refreshing sky blue.

3.Compared to the first two, this color scheme is much more restrained, with black, white and gray becoming the dominant color of the space, and everything returning to its simplest state.

4.This color scheme is designed for curious creative people, using rich and rich warm tones and lighter cool tones to neutralize each other, to create a gentle, quiet, retro temperament.



Glade Green is well loved by the DWILPAINT Community. View the project gallery below to see how others are using this color and get inspired for a project of your own.

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